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About Us


Havensy Health, Hospitality & Wellbeing is a Portuguese brand that designs, develops, produces, and markets different types of disposable and reusable equipments, supporting areas such as health, hospitality, and well-being. With a strong backbone in the textile industry (20+ years), and with a vanguard approach to its sales channel (digital), the company is committed with a better future and strong support to it’s customers.

We operate in the Business to Business (B2B) channel, working under our own brand and private label regime, having the capacity to serve companies and institutions of different sizes, public or private, with standard or customized products, in different geographies.

We have a permanent stock of more than 200 references, that we ship from Guimarães, located in the Portuguese textile industry cluster.

Company Certificates

“3JCL – Ecommerce Solutions, Lda.”, the company that owns Havensy HHW, is certified for medical devices distribution in Portugal, by INFARMED, the Portuguese authority for medicine and health products.

Product certifications

Mission and Values

We work hard and with dedication to develop a strong business relationship with our customers, proposing solutions that fit their immediate and long-term needs. Our electronic platform, accessible through the Storepage, allows our customers to replenish their stock of products in a simple and seamless way, and with a variety of payment methods and terms. We have the ambition to be an exporter of excellence for our products.

We know how important it is to provide an experience according to the expectations each customer has, and in line or above the market we are in.


Personal protective equipment (medical and non-medical devices)

Healthcare disposable products

Disposable products for different industries

Workwear for different sectors and industries

Home and bath textiles for the Hotel Industry

Tablecloth and workwear for the Hotel Industry

Home and bath textiles for Hospitals and other healthcare units

Textiles for use in Gym

Textiles for use in Spa

Textiles for use in restaurants and bars

Textile accessories and customized products, for any industry or service



Marigold HHW, aware of the importance of maintaining an healthy and sustainable planet, adopts some measures that aim to reduce its ecological footprint.

Packing Reuse

The brand reuses boxes it receives from purchased goods, for its brand new shipments, if they are in a good condition. This allows a reduction in packaging consumption of about 20% to 30%.


Havensy HHW constantly seeks to be associated with the best professionals in the sales area, either they are individuals or companies. In this sense, the position of agents was created, serving those who have a special taste for this area, allowing to generate a financial return based on results.


If you like the idea, please fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


    Office and Warehouse
    Rua Padre José ferreira Leite, 1219
    4835-239 Guimarães